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    Ask Your Dad

    I mean, we’re going to say it anyways, so why not have it in print!

    My mother would send me to my father, and my father back to my mother. It was a vicious cycle and I would get frustrated that neither would say yes or no. So at probably 10ish years old I thought I would be real smart and just tell them the other said yes. I thought all the back and forth was because they probably really didn’t care one way or another. Boy I was wrong. News flash. Parents do eventually talk to each other. So when I was at my friend’s house instead home it didn’t take them two minutes to figure out that neither had agreed to that. Needless to say the answer became an immediate no for an extended period of time. Flash forward 20 years and here I am, as a parent, sending him to Kevin for that yes he’s looking for. Enjoy your day, just put the shirt on and point at it! Happy Mother’s day!

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  • Leave it better Earth Day SVG
    Free Files

    Leave it better

    This month we teamed up with the most talented digital creators on the planet to bring you the absolute best Earth Day cut and print files. Sign up for our email list below to get the “Leave it better” design then check out the other designers sites for more earth day freebies!


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    Layering heat transfer vinyl for beginners

    Cheetah Shamrock SVG

    Layering vinyl can be tricky so today I want to share with you some tips on making multi-layered designs when using heat transfer vinyl. You should already have your vinyl cut, prepped and your tee pre-pressed so I am going to skip straight to troubleshooting layering vinyl.

    Pressing the back layer.

    Vinyl shrinks when it’s pressed which makes it tricky when layering. My first tip is to NOT OVERPRESS. I press at 325 degrees for 2-4 seconds max. You may have to test your press temp/pressure, vinyl brand and shirt choice to know how few seconds you can get away with on your first press. If you begin to remove the transfer paper and the design tries to come with it, then you need to press another second or two.

    Lining up the second layer.

    Smooth your tee back out after removing the transfer sheet from the first layer. This helps stretch your design a tad and put it back into place. When adding the second color, choose some reference points within the design to know where the second layer goes. I used the point at the top of the clover where the caramel vinyl had a little v in it and the stem where the caramel needed to line up on the edge.

    When the second layer doesn’t line up.

    When adding a large or full design second layer it probably will not line up on all sides. But don’t stress, that’s when you cut it up! For the shamrock I cut it into 3 pieces. Other designs may not allow for cutting the design up, so be careful on that first press not to shrink the back layer too much!

    Putting it back together.

    When working with a design like this with the cheetah print it’s easier to put it all back together if you keep the pieces where they go as you cut. That way there is no guessing what is up and what is down when all you are looking at is random dots of vinyl.

    Give it one final press.

    Now that you have it all lined up press it for 5-10 seconds then remove the transfer sheet from that second layer and press again. I always give a good final press of 10-12 seconds to remove any marks left by the transfer sheets and to make sure the vinyl adhesive is fully activated.

    I hope you find these tips helpful when pressing layers of heat transfer vinyl. Be sure to join our mailing list to get the free cheetah print shamrock files so you can practice your layering skills!


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    Six ways to use your free Valentine’s Day digital files.

    Love is a Verb SVG
    Digital files are fairly inexpensive but when you invest in one you want to get the most use out of it. Today I will show you six simple ways to use one digital file. Please note, I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post, this does not mean you pay more, it just means I am compensated for the referral.

    Love is a Verb Wall Hanging

    Wall Hangings

    Valentine’s day is all about showing how much you love someone. Wall hangings are the perfect way to show love to those who enter your home. Using a piece of black canvas and heat transfer vinyl you can quickly create a custom piece of art. These poster hangers are super affordable and come in a two pack!


    Our digital files come in several formats including JPG and PNG. Use the jpg to print and create your own cards or stationary. The png file format has a transparent background that is handy for layering your design with other graphics you may have.

    Coffee Mugs

    Speaking of printables, they are perfect for creating a sublimation transfer to create a custom mug. Mugs can also be created using sign vinyl, but we love the look and quality of sublimation.


    This would not be a SVG blog post without talking about tees. My favorite heat transfer vinyl is Thermoflex Plus. I love it because it isn’t shiny or super thick like some of the other vinyl I have tried, but I really love that most of the colors you can layer. I buy mine from heat transfer warehouse because it more affordable than Amazon or buying at local craft stores.

    Wall Words

    There are so many things you can add your lettering to, but one thing you can create without an any additional product is a wall decal. All you need is blank wall! Choosing a smooth, flat finish wall is ideal.


    If feel like putting lettering directly on your walls is a commitment, then a sign is the way to go. They are by far the most popular product ordered from our wood shop. If you’re not a builder, Hobby Lobby has a variety of framed blank signs ready to add lettering to. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

    Download this file for free!

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