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Ask Your Dad

I mean, we’re going to say it anyways, so why not have it in print!

My mother would send me to my father, and my father back to my mother. It was a vicious cycle and I would get frustrated that neither would say yes or no. So at probably 10ish years old I thought I would be real smart and just tell them the other said yes. I thought all the back and forth was because they probably really didn’t care one way or another. Boy I was wrong. News flash. Parents do eventually talk to each other. So when I was at my friend’s house instead home it didn’t take them two minutes to figure out that neither had agreed to that. Needless to say the answer became an immediate no for an extended period of time. Flash forward 20 years and here I am, as a parent, sending him to Kevin for that yes he’s looking for. Enjoy your day, just put the shirt on and point at it! Happy Mother’s day!

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